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  1. Aroukar

    Take this survey, if you'd like

    I think it could be amusing. Quantic Foundry My results:
  2. Aroukar

    So people call avatars pfps now?

    Just noticing this now, as you can see, I'm a bit behind the times. I was surprised when some kid said "sus" the other day too. Took me a minute to figure out that he meant suspicious or sketchy. I guess languages are organic after all. Thoughts?
  3. Aroukar

    Youtube DL

    yt-dl tutorial I am trying to figure this shit out. I usually use a website to download vids, but I'd like to learn how to use this thing. Do I need to use linux or is there another way to run it?
  4. Aroukar

    Is Black Lagoon any good?

    Thinking about watching it next, but I'd like someone's opinions on it.
  5. Aroukar

    Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex

    Just finished it. Damn, what a good show. Thoughts?
  6. Aroukar

    Tokyo Ghoul

    Just finished the manga. Explained things a little better than the anime, but the ending still felt rushed. Thoroughly enjoyed it though. Anyone familiar with the series?
  7. Aroukar

    Where do y'all get your news?

    I don't have cable and I don't read online periodicals. Don't trust them anymore. Mainly my source of news comes from 2 youtube channels: Mr. Obvious - He comments on current events, though it does feel like he drags on and on about stuff sometimes. Memology 101 - Short and sweet videos on...
  8. Aroukar

    What are you currently listening to?

    You know the drill.
  9. Aroukar

    Round 2

    Back again. Let's see how well this goes.
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